Mission Statement




All who I love have taught me to love
by listening deeply to myself;

this was a new thing for me for a while…

and in that listening,
I heard my spirit rage inside the hours

upon hours of furious overcompensation

and constant recuperation
from our city hive,

hours that outnumbered the

hours we spent
in creative work and love.

A calling to leave,

a calling to arrive; there are few
corners of the universe

where my earthly body

can explore,
and today, I am summoned

to one.

~~ Julia Daye


The Decision Room



Promising this timeĀ 
to own my ending honorably,
I put a sign on the door,

but the more people learn of
my sacred room,
the more cluttered it seems to get.

They stay too long,
leave things behind;
some moments its hard to breathe

around all the questions
and holdings
and prophesies.

The far window gets blurry when you
hold me so tight,
hand me everything you’ve been

here love, take these with you
your eyes plead with me

to keep you safe as I go:
magic mother, gallant sailor, rogue child,
what is the recipe for safety?


— Julia Daye

Hibernating Before a Personal Spring



KnockingĀ sounds down the hall
as I pack my suitcase to the radio,
eager bones ain’t no match for this delicious
acoustic hymn.

I don’t feel guilty for basking in ignoring,
I’m dreaming of other things now;

responding only
to the tea kettle as it bursts and I run,
visualizing open roads
while sipping its sweetness.

Julia Daye