This Revolution in Facts

Fact: The true revolution in this society lies in the micro, not the microphone. What a person does when no one is looking, in the privacy of his home or alone with his partner, is the realest testament of his awareness, intention, and goodness.

Fact: A person who considers himself a warrior for social and political progress but who does not respect the ones closest to himĀ is not the heart-centered advocate he presents himself to be.

Fact: Revolution lies in the holiness of your hands far more than the wisdom of your words. Beliefs are just air, actions create new worlds.

Fact: Revolution is a practice, not an event; an ongoing, conscious rehearsal of embodiment in every waking moment of that which you wish to see in the world around you.

Fact: Revolution is a personal process first that hopes to join the collective in the form of service once solidified in the individual soul.

Fact: Energy flows where attention goes. The practice of revolution includes unplugging all of one’s own energy from the things that harm or impede our society. This means working for causes, not against them.