I Am Learning Love

I am learning to listen. I am learning to apologize. I am learning that the speed of wounded panic is faster than the speed of rationale and that the vast warmth of a loved one’s understanding makes space for that. I am learning the wisdom of wounds. I am learning the resonant field of shared joy. I am learning timeless presence. I am learning there’s no time. I am learning to ask only for that which I myself can take responsibility. I am learning armistice. I am awake. I am unbridled heart. I thank God for bringing me. I am learning the truth of love of the whole. I am learning love.

©Julia Daye


The Funny Thing About Early Spring

Every year, at the precipice of spring,
I get a little cerebral,

grieving the loss of those summer-grown ego feathers
under the snowy lay of winter.

Having shed so much,
I become uncertain what to wear
and where to stand

so I teeter at life’s threshold,
underdressed and chilly,

asking for guidance but taking none of it,
choosing instead to laugh my grief loose,

making funny word-things,
a slow-cooked porridge of sense;
my heart grows slowly back again.

©Julia Daye