In the spinal column of the northern hemisphere,
I am stationed for this unfolding.

One foot on the ground, one with the fairies,
I return my confusion to the devil.

One wishbone, one backbone,
I hear my heart flutter beneath their wings.

~~ Julia Daye


Journey Poem: Taos, New Mexico: This is Gratitude




To the whole of my love
culminating these weeks of travel,

I have arrived

in highs as high as helium balloons
and grief that flooded the whole of my blood.

To those “imperative” life things
that seemed to blow off

the sides of my vehicle like sand—

the treasured books I left behind,
your voice promising to call.

To the road angels whose quiet mountainous majesty
rose and fell with the deepest sky

warmth and hands and no agenda—
One day at a time, clementine…

breathing me here

from mourning
to morning.


~~ Julia Daye